About Us



 We started making RC power supplies a few years ago when the method of charging RC car batteries in the Arizona RC car stock racing scene began pushing the limits. Initially, it was believed that you needed an iCharger to be fast. Then, as battery technology improved, the required charging amps increased. When racers surpassed the 20-30 amp charge rate and approached the 40 amp mark, they began stacking two large, lower-powered power supplies to meet the wattage needed by iChargers to deliver 40 amps into a 2S LiPo battery. Like a few others, we stumbled upon used, small server power supplies with ample power output that could be recycled and converted (with some work) to provide more than enough power without the expense and hassle of purchasing and lugging around two larger power supplies just to compete in the stock class RC car racing scene. Once other racers saw what we were doing, we received numerous requests to make similar units for them. As word spread about these units, we found that by purchasing them in bulk, we could significantly reduce costs, which we then passed on to our fellow racers.
 Currently, we offer four different units for sale, each slightly varying in power output and options. Firstly, we have a 12-volt, 75-amp unit that delivers 900 watts of power. Secondly, our 75-amp unit includes a 5-volt, 3-amp USB port. Thirdly, the big brother to the 75-amp unit outputs 12 volts, 85 amps, delivering 1025 watts of power. Our flagship model, the fourth unit, features 12 volts, 85 amps, with 1025 watts of power output and an added 5-volt, 3-amp USB port. These specifications are based on 110 AC input. Each unit can also be used with 220 AC, resulting in slightly higher output.
Each unit comes with three pairs of 4 mm bullets to offer power to three devices simultaneously. They are small, measuring 1.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches in size and weighing around 3 lbs. Once tested, each unit is wrapped in black carbon fiber vinyl for a sleek look and capped off with a 3D printed cover to protect the 4 mm bullets. One key feature is that the fan is automatically regulated and ramps up and down based on heat, ensuring quiet operation unless under heavy load.