RLPower Old School Icharger Discharge Resistor Bank W/XT90

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The RLPower Discharge Resistor Bank is the perfect addition to your iCharger Duo 456 or 458.

Silver Edition!

XT90 plug is a direct fit for iCharger 456 and 458.

Paired with an iCharger 456 or 458 this will discharge at:

  • 1S - 45A
  • 2S - 45A

Equipped with 12 gauge wire W/ a XT90 connector approximately 12 inches in length and a black outer wire jacket to connect to your icharger 456 or 458.


Note: This Discharge Resistor Bank will NOT work with an icharger X6!!

This item is not eligible to have discount codes applied.

Not recommended for use with Lipo Batteries larger than 2S

Charger pictured is not included